​​Maritimes Music has three distinct recording options : 

Naming the Twins

The Port Roseway Strutters

  • Spotlight Artists: these are acts that are actively touring and are signed to Maritimes Music.  The label will have a budget for recording and manufacturing and sell the final CDs (or other media) to the artist at a percentage of the retail price.  The label will pay a royalty for items sold directly by Maritimes Music. We will provide publicity services in support of a release including review CDs and contacting radio and TV stations where the artist is touring in an effort to book interviews.  We believe that our efforts when combined with those of active artists will give a louder voice than people acting alone.  

  • Heritage Series: these are releases that speak to the culture and history of the provinces; the primary market is gift shops and other tourist oriented venues.

  • Regional Artist package:here we record and produce a CD for an artist at a package price that includes recording and manufacturing 100 CDs.  These artists will be promoted on our website as "affiliated artists."