Book Publishing

‚ÄčMaritimes music wants to support the growth of books, both fiction and nonfiction, that explore the music, the musicians, and the musical culture of the Atlantic provinces. We are looking for manuscripts that will accomplish that goal. While there have been several books dealing with these subjects, we believe there is ample room for expansion in both depth and breadth.

We see publishing as a partnership that requires effort and some risk by the company and the authors.  No one is going to make big money writing or publishing books with a relatively small market.  Books about the music of the East Coast are important and need to see the light of day.  We will do all we can to support efforts to promote and sell any books we publish, but we are limited.

This is not self-publishing; we bear all costs for layout and the actual production of the book.  Promotion is a shared responsibility; we will provide support via publicity and working with authors to promote book signings and other events. The author is obligated to participate in signings and other promotional events. 

We cannot fund the travel expenses of a book tour.  Very few authors have such support and  these are for big names with major publishers. We are a small company and do not have the resources to support tour expenses. We do, however, have a belief in what we are doing and a commitment to the success of the company and the books it publishes. 

These are two books by Maritimes Music partner, Jay Pilzer